• Top 5 Home Automation Devices

    10/Aug/2017 09:44:37

    Whether you have a large open-plan modern house or a quaint period property, there’s no denying the charm of home automation. Like something out of a science fiction novel, it’s now well within the realms of possibility to be able to simply ask your house to ‘play some music’, ‘turn off the kitchen lights’ or even ‘close the garage door’ and it will obey.

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  • The 5 Best Sources for Home Design Inspiration

    03/Aug/2017 09:20:54

    Inspiration for interior home design can be painful. If you’re not a full time designer or don’t consider yourself creative, then it can be hard to stay on top of the trends, create something modern and add value to your property...

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  • Designing an Open Plan Kitchen for Entertaining Guests in Style

    25/Jul/2017 09:01:52

    Designing a kitchen is one of the most difficult parts of redeveloping a building. The kitchen is without doubt the heart of the home and it’s where we like to entertain, relax and create memories. With this in mind, open plan kitchen / diner / lounges...

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  • Give your home a new lease of life with new windows

    20/Jun/2017 12:07:16

    Installing replacement windows can be a big deal for homeowners, people often do it to repair damage, save money by reducing energy consumption or to enhance the beauty of their home. At Rococo, we offer a range of windows that capture several different advantages of having these new features.

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  • Walk Interior Architecture & Design

    01/Jun/2017 10:47:46

    Here at Rococo, we pride ourselves on our involvement with other brands, businesses and clients. We work on multiple projects every single day, helping transform people’s properties with new features and additions, and we’re always learning new things from our peers.

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  • Brighten your home up for the summer with Rococo

    26/May/2017 13:19:29

    If you have an orangery, conservatory or bi-folding doors, you’ll know that there are many different materials to keep clean, and with all of the natural sunlight glaring in, there is no escaping the inevitable dirt and grime. Every household could do with a...

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  • Improve, don't move!

    08/May/2017 13:10:14

    There’s something exciting about moving to a new house, once you get past the hugely stressful process of house hunting, estate agents, solicitors and the general ups and downs of the process. You don’t have to put yourself through it all if you just want that feeling of a fresh look, more room or entirely transforming the look of your property.

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