Spitfire S200


Where Form Meets Function

We've got your design requirements covered with Spitfire S200 aluminium entrance doors. Available as single, double or French-style aluminium doors with customisable window sizes, you are guaranteed to find a design that meets your requirements.

The attention to detail on these sleek black aluminium doors is simply stunning. Select your level of personalisation by choosing from a range of solid and triple-glazed designs, as well as further glazed units surrounding the door and side or top lights.

These high-end aluminium front doors all boast a high-grade finish to a 3mm thick aluminium wall, and together with the patented sash design and special dilation layer, you can rest assured that any shape distortion is prevented… even when subjected to extreme weather conditions.


Key Features

  • Durable

  • Secure Aluminium

  • Exceptional Security

  • Triple Glazed

  • Stunning Design

Spitfire S200 Aluminium Front Doors - Rococo

Impeccable Style, Impregnable Security

While the beauty and design of these doors allow for a striking addition to your home, the real masterpiece is behind the scenes. Each S200 door sash features discreet mechanical fixings to prevent distortion in both hot and cold climates, and subtle micro-adjustment devices in the head and base of the door. 

The engineering behind the door make it virtually burglar-proof, having surpassed the PAS 24 standards in the UK with a minimum level security rating of RS2. 

Standing at 83mm thick with no less than three layers of security glass, it is hardly surprising that every S200 door conforms to RC2 levels of exceptional security and weathering, as specififed by the IFT Rosenheim Test Institute in Germany. 



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